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QUALITY WEBSITES TO VISIT FOR MORE INFORMATION – news about the college experience from national publications, financial aid timelines and answers to FAQs. – learn the difference between grants, loans and scholarships & calculate how much $ you’ll need for college. – find links to online college applications, search for colleges and discover your learning type. – apply for student loans and get money management tips. – learn how to save for college and what to do if your savings won’t cover tuition. – provides a glossary of financial aid terms – will direct you to a list of scholarships for which you may be eligible. – check out student loan funding Ask a Counselor feature. – a government run site with college planning timelines, access to online version of FAFSA & borrowing tips. – what are colleges looking for in applicants? What scholarships do you qualify for? How to evaluate acceptance letters. – charges a small fee to match you to the scholarships for which you qualify. – contact info for more than 6,900 universities around the world. – offers help for the essay required for your application to colleges. – administers the SAT, visit for testing dates, fees, test-taking advice and prep. – for ACT dates and locations, fees, and enrollment info